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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

How many lives did your last spreadsheet change?

One: my own. The last spreadsheet I wrote/created was for my newfound music habit. I use the expression "newfound music habit" because nothing I do is ever simple, so I need to give appropriately weight to this procedure by referring to it in an overly elaborate manner. By using a three word description instead of simply labelling it Music, it better imparts to myself the movement I have begun. To add briefly, the movement includes purchasing an iShuffle and an almost religious devotion to the All Music Guide to Rock. Additionally, my headphones have been brought to work permanently and I have started using my wife's iPod in the gap created by a shortage of iShuffles and my currently waiting for it to ship. The spreadsheet includes a list of bands I want to explore and an average price guide for CDs I have recently bought. BMG has emerged as the clear leader.

The reason today's blog is named such is because I saw this expression on a subway advertisement this morning. The idea was to minimize the importance of your job and maximize your drive to become a teacher. My thought to this was to write a small entry on a guy who recently drew up a spreadsheet in an effort to cut costs, and in the process ended up laying off 14 people. His answer would be a little more hard hitting than mine, as mine really only delves into my own head and it's relationship to Michelle Shocked or King Crimson albums.


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