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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Why I love baseball

Don't get me wrong, I hate baseball. It's a sport designed to keep people mentally occupied for enormous stretches of time during the summer. I'm not sure how you can sit down and watch a baseball game on TV and expect to get much of anything out of it other than a passage of your time from A to B. With so many games on TV these days, I imagine you'd go insane. So be it, if that's what you want.

But really, why do I love baseball? I don't. On the way to work the other day I walked past a coffee house and some kid had a Kansas City Royals baseball cap on. As a kid growing up, naturally I hated the Royals, since I'm a Yankess fan. George Brett and pine tar and all that. The Royals were the enemy to be sure. So why should I see a Royals hat and declare that I lvoe baseball?

When it's 8 degrees outside - or whatever it was - you see the "KC" on the hat and fondly look towards spring. For me, it doesn't look forward to baseball so much as it looks forward to the warm weather, the biking I'll do this spring, or being able to go outside without taking 45 minutes to bundle up enough to not lose my fingers and toes after 10 minutes. As I get older, I dislike winter more and more. Sitting in the house has its charm, but not much of it. Sitting outside and battling the mosquitos also holds charm, albeit very short lived. Still, the choice of where to sit is very important. And I'm looking forward to that choice. I can't wait for this snow to melt.


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