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Monday, January 24, 2011

Taiwan Day 25 - A Down Day

Full picture set of the day here: Flickr set or slideshow.

Man, I just saw a pic of myself from during the summer. There's just no doubt that I'm getting fatter now. I mean, before this trip I was and now I'm sure I am. I don't know if I really care though, which is what it is. I mean, I do, but at the same time, man I don't care anymore. Anyway, the pic is from a trip to the zoo we took in the summer. It's hard for me to believe I was this thin:

Funny, I remember that day and seeing that pic when we got him thinking, "Jeez, I really look like that? I feel like I'm much fatter." I guess I've come into winter form and I'm "filling out" so to speak.

Anyway, going out and getting breakfasts like this may very well be why:

This morning was another small verification that I can go out and exist on my own. I have to admit though, the conversation was strained. They asked me a few things and I just couldn't get the meaning at all. I finally did, but I have to say their hand gestures were really out there. Like for the word "bag" they made a motion like they were pulling a snake out lengthwise. Just not sure where that one was going. Anyway, I got the job done, and came home with rice milk, the same dough/egg thing we got on the way to the bus yesterday, and some turnip cake. Good stuff, as always.

Aside from that, today was a total down day. Once in a while you need those, and today was one of them. No ride, as I'm exhausted. And we didn't go on any real adventures, since we were all pretty tired and in need of a day off. Yesterday was apparently more tiring than we thought. It was sorta good to do nothing for the day.

I'll keep this one short and sweet, since we didn't really do much of anything other than go grab a coffee at Barista Coffee, which was absurdly expensive. Before we went, lunch was some lamb fried rice, veggie, and pig heart. Anyway, after that we went and dropped $10 on coffee and hot chocolate, but it was nice to get out and lay around somewhere else. Plus is was dark yet bright at the same time, making for some colorful pics:

Julia even got in on the action and took this one:

The afternoon was goofing off in between getting some work done. Nat's cousin's kids are in from China (they grew up here) and Vivian made everyone a big pot of Japanese curry, like what we make at home sometimes:

But the real score of the day was Nat managed to land at the 7-11. It's probably a good thing she only got 1:

Aside from that, not a lot went on today. I got some info about riding my bike to Taipei, and once I get up and over the hill it looks like Taipei is extremely bike friendly. We don't know what our plans are yet, since Calvin hasn't gotten back to us. We may go up for a few days, or not. Ideally Nat and Julia can go up early, then I can get a day and change of work done, then I can ride up and take a few days off, and we can go from there, maybe driving the car back or them taking the bus again and me riding my bike. I've sort of given up on actually having a car while we're here. If we get it, sweet. If not, so it goes.

On that note, part of me is getting ready to go home. I'm starting to feel enclosed in a box here and not easily being able to go anywhere limits us a bit. I sort of set myself up for this when I expected to have a car for 3+ weeks. I shouldn't have expected it and planned accordingly. Rookie mistake on my part. To that end, as far as vacation goes, I'm likely working 3 more days then taking Friday and the last 2 weeks off. After that, who knows, maybe we'll take a boat out to Turtle Island and set up a tepee for 2 weeks, eating fish that we spear ourselves.

I'm running out of steam on these. I can't imagine many of you are still reading. I'll try harder.



  • At 7:33 PM, Blogger terren said…

    I'm still reading and enjoying, Norm. Probably those of us who do read them all get a vicarious and voyeuristic thrill out of it... to that end, if you could put some nudity up that would be great.


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