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Tuesday, April 11, 2006


There's been a lot of waiting for the kid to be born. There's little I can do about it but be patient. For the most part, I'm indifferent about the waiting. Things happen as they happen. I don't go about my life any differently on a daily basis. But there is one aspect that I'm a little anxious about, which is the fact I can't take my new mountain bike anywhere but Chimney Rock for the time being. I'm really itching to go to Round Valley and lose myself there. But if she goes into labor when I'm 9 miles from the car, it could be a good long time before I get back. Granted, I work in Brooklyn so the same could be said for any work day. But at least I'd get home and not need to eat lunch and shower, which is the case if I'm riding when she goes.

So for now, I wait. And I content myself with riding Chimney Rock or on the road. There's plenty of time in the future. I know. But my bike is new now.


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