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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Do I Crush Edges?

The team I race for is called Edgecrusher Racing which is a subset of p9 SportsGroup. I have never officially come out and said that I do, in fact, crush edges but I did refer to a team previously, Steve did ask, and I answered with a few details. So now the question becomes, do I crush edges? Really?

I don't know that a 76th place showing warrants a tag of having crushed edges. Categorically speaking, I did place 31st in my age group out of 52 people who started. I don't consider it good or bad, it merely is what it is, middle of the road, 6 minutes from 18th and 6 minutes from 36th. After a few more of these races I can better say how I feel about my placement in this hierarchy but for now I'm just living in the bliss of having had a nice race on Sunday. Again, I really wish there was another of the series races sooner than mid-September.

Regardless, that's not edge crushing at all which is why I have told my team captain (George) that I'm going to play out the string this year then move on. There are other opportunities coming in the year which could prove interesting but for now, I'm still going to Crush Edges through the 24 hour Allamuchy race then see what I feel like doing for the rest of the year. But following that, edges around the world will be safe from my influence.

So now what? Well I guess the big item on the radar is the 24 hour race which I probably need to plan for in some way, though to be honest I'm considering just showing up and letting it fall how it may. A really good idea would be for me to do the Rattling Creek 50 in 2 weeks then the Darkhorse 40 2 weeks after that. Then the 24 hour race is another 2 weeks after that. Lots of stuff to do if I can swing it. I actually have the sign-off from the wife for all of those so it could be a pretty packed 6 weeks from here on in, especially when you throw in the Lebanon 52 road ride we're doing this weekend.

After rereading my entry from yesterday I have to say I don't like it that much. It sounds so overly dramatic for a 76th place finish. There was one funny moment I forgot to relay though. I once read one of those joke forwards that asked, "Why don't you ever see a low-speed chase on TV?" Well on the third lap, first climb up orange there were maybe 6 of us slogging up the hill going about 4 mph. And one guy made a move to pass, going about 4.5. One of the guys yells out, "Oh look at that aggressive move!" Now that's a low-speed chase. Good stuff.

After inspecting my bike again this morning I'm not sure there's a click in the suspension, it may just be making a boat load of noise again. Whatever, this is par for the course at this stage.

I never talked about the exciting news items from last week. Oh there I go again getting all dramatic. There were no high speed chases in the making of this story, though it is a bit of a soap opera of sorts. Anyway, the first thing is that Steve and Jake bought and are looking to reshape the site, or re brand, or liven it up. Not sure how you want to label it but you can see the post here. Anyone who cares has already read it of course. The other bit of news is that Albert launched another bike site called without Steve and Jake having any knowledge. A third party (not myself) referred to it as Beverly Hills, MTBNJ. That's quality material, folks.

Today's ride I was shot out of a cannon again. Don't you love how I say that shit? Yeah yeah yeah, every other training ride it's a cannon but the races are excuse excuse excuse. OK fine. I felt good on the bike today. I have no ride link because I was cutting it close and didn't have time to download it. The basic ride was a warm-to-hot pace with smaller hills and rollers thrown in. Basically the idea is to get in some sprint-like or medium-range climbing mixed in with a tempo pace. It was an aggressive ride that I would classify as "putting it all together" where you mix that warm tempo pacing with the interval training.

I think the week after the sick/rest weeks plus the race Sunday have totally revitalized my motivation. Don't get me wrong, waking up today was still rough at 4:45. But it wasn't as bad as in weeks past. And I woke up and looked forward to getting on the bike. It was a beautiful 63 degrees when I went out. When I got home, I took a rare summer hot shower that felt fantastic. It's the small things in life. That's what I think.

I want to get one of the Trek full-rigids up and into race shape for the Darkhorse 40 in just under 4 weeks. It's not a technical course and there's not a lot of downhill bombing so the Stumpjumper may be a bit of overkill at that park. I need to find out more about that race. On the other hand it may be the case that the lack of climbing makes the Stumpjumper perfectly fine, and since it is 40 miles the added comfort might really come in handy. Regardless I want to make one of those frames into a light rigid race bike and the other will be the single-speed.

I have some comments to make up for. I don't think I can get them all in this post because you guys have rocked the comments lately. But let's go with everything from Friday at the very least:


"good luck on saturday. do they start the races by class/age group? you have truly peaked my curiosity: "In mysterious foreshadowing news, those of you who follow this blog from the bike site are in for some interesting developments (note the plural). So Monday's race recap will probably only be part of the discussion. Stay tuned""

Thanks for the well wishes, it always helps to know that someone is watching and if you totally shit the bed everyone will be there to see it. They do indeed start by class and age. So all sport went at 10:00 and the age groups were staggered by a full minute. As for your curiosity, well...


"Hey Norm - Good luck tomorrow. If next weekend you guys want to stop off for some water, I've installed a tasty new garden hose. Just kidding, it's the same old hose. But really if you guys don't show up before 7 am there's a real chance Cher or I will be up. And then you'll get water from an indoor fixture! Zowee!"

Thanks, and thanks! We won't be starting the ride until about 8:00 so no worries about being there too early. Not sure if it makes sense since that's only 12 miles into the ride. It would be better to get as close to the midpoint as possible. Maybe you could meet us out on 513 with a few gallons of indoor fixture water! Now that's a real zowee!!!


"good luck this weekend norm, cant wait for the recap and other good stuff"

Thanks Walter, I hope you enjoyed the recap yesterday. I imagine there will be more tidbits as I remember them, like my remembering the low-speed chase today. I guess I forgot to mention the guy who really stacked it (thanks Maurice, I love that expression) at the top of the switchbacks on yellow going down to the far lot. I mean there was nothing there for him to lose it on but you could hear the crash from like 100 yards. When we got there he was bleeding down the side of his face and he was tangled in his bike, but he was coherent and 2 guys stopped to help so most of us rolled on. Jake, did you come across that guy?

Then there was the guy I passed on the third lap on purple, he was struggling and I was just keeping my pace. I went by and said something to the effect of, "Keep it rolling man you're doing great." He replied, "Thanks man!" You could hear in his voice that he really appreciated the encouragement and it made me feel really good. I have said before there are a lot of douche bags that do these races and I still maintain that's the case. But there are also a lot of good people out there and you have a lot of good - and very short - exchanges through the race. I could probably make a post about passing and trail courtesy out there. Maybe tomorrow.

Holy shit, getting really sleepy on the train. My body often goes into coma-mode after hard rides but that's usually limited to the weekends. It only lasts for 15 minutes or so but we're just about in Hoboken so I can't exactly take a cat nap right now. Oh well.

As usual, the best thing about Tuesday is that Saturday is now in the 5 day forecast. Do your best to enjoy it.

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  • At 9:21 AM, Blogger shaggz said…

    if this is beverly hills, mtbnj, i hope to be knocking boots with shannon doughtery real soon. good stuff, 3rd party.

  • At 12:49 PM, Anonymous jake said…

    i did see that guy, all yardsale'd out right @ the switch. i guess he came in too hot and couldn't get the red knobs outta the corner fast enough and swamped the bow resulting in him getting all tweaked.


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