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Friday, July 13, 2007

Bring Out the Hellman's

And bring out the best? My titles continue to grow more arcane and/or inane by the day. Bring out. Bring on. Bring on the weekend because it's just a day away like: Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I'll eat pork! Tomorrow! The heat wave is gone, I've paid for the race, now all we have left is to show up, warm up, then go do, the voodoo, that you do, so weeeellllllll! So says Heady (that's Hedley) Lamar.

You know I want nothing more than to sit on the train Monday and write how things went well for a change. In all of my races - as in ever - things don't generally go well. Up to this point I've done 4 actual races (not charity rides) and they all have very low bottom out points:

1. Allamuchy 24, 2005. My first ever race, part of a 4 man team. I am so miserable on the 4:00 am lap I vow never to do this stupid race again.

2. Allamuchy 24, 2006. My second race ever is a solo 24 race. Given the comments in race #1 I clearly do not learn from my mistakes. I cramp in this race but overall I enjoy it. Probably my best race experience.

3. Allamuchy 50k, 2006. Woefully unprepared for this, I didn't cramp but after hour 3 I am in bonk/toast territory with no way to get out. At times even walking the hills is really painful.

4. Granogue, 2007. Cramped big time at the 2:30 point of a 4 hour race. This has been hashed out before.

Ok so maybe I've bitten off big races in the past which would explain some of my miserable experiences. The race Sunday should be no more than 2 hours so I can't see myself entering that world of hurt. Famous last words but after reading Maurice and Terren's comments Wednesday I've got a reasonable approach going into this. Plus I've done 3 laps there countless times so the distance isn't anything new.

I guess all that leaves is the race itself.

You know it's funny that when I reread this it sure sounds like I'm obsessing about this race - well any race not just this one. But the reality is that I'm just looking for something to write on the ride to work. As far as I'm concerned the training is all in the bank and there's not much I can do other than eating well and trying to get solid sleep over the next few nights. The last piece is to show up in time and warmup a little, then not blow up in the first 20 minutes. After that, it is what it is. That's not to say I won't be nervous before the race because I will. I don't have the Kool Kalm and Kollected thing down yet - after all it is only my 5th race ever.

So that's that. Not really much else to talk about right now since the bike is fine, I'm not sick or injured, and the weather seems decent for the weekend. The ducks are lined up and in a row. Quack quack, I say, quack. Somebody step on a duck?

In other breaking developments the bike shop replied to my follow-up email saying the linkage will cost $35, which isn't too awful. I'll probably pick one up to have on hand because I need to spread the costs out as much as possible. I've had no luck finding the piece online, as unlikely as that sounds. I guess I could try EBay but that's unlikely.

I still owe the world a follow-up post on coffee. I just ordered from Sweet Maria's so I'll list what I got at some point next week. I'll also try to find the cheapest way to roast your own for those who are gun shy at the startup costs. Plus Cliffy never commented either so I'll pester him for some thoughts on the newbie coffee roaster.

In mysterious foreshadowing news, those of you who follow this blog from the bike site are in for some interesting developments (note the plural). So Monday's race recap will probably only be part of the discussion. Stay tuned.

Looks like we already have next weekend's big ride lined up with the Lebanon 52 on Sunday, 52 miles and 6600 feet of vertical hilarity. Hoping both ChrisG and Maurice can make that ride, which incidentally passes right in front of Terren's house in Califon. The following weekend I'm trying to line up my ducks to do another of the MASS marathon events.

Well it's Friday, hope you enjoy it, and have a good weekend.

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  • At 8:25 AM, Blogger shaggz said…

    good luck on saturday. do they start the races by class/age group?

    you have truly peaked my curiosity:

    "In mysterious foreshadowing news, those of you who follow this blog from the bike site are in for some interesting developments (note the plural). So Monday's race recap will probably only be part of the discussion. Stay tuned"

  • At 9:25 AM, Anonymous Terren said…

    Hey Norm -

    Good luck tomorrow. If next weekend you guys want to stop off for some water, I've installed a tasty new garden hose. Just kidding, it's the same old hose.

    But really if you guys don't show up before 7 am there's a real chance Cher or I will be up. And then you'll get water from an indoor fixture! Zowee!

  • At 12:24 PM, Anonymous walter said…

    good luck this weekend norm, cant wait for the recap and other good stuff


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